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Mobile Ransomware Hits Browsers with Old-School Techniques

September 20, 2017

BEC attacks generated $5.3 billion in global losses between 2013 and 2017, Trend Micro researchers reported earlier this year.

San Franciso

Equifax breach will test IRS defenses

September 19, 2017

These consumers could be at greater risk of identity theft because “the more data an attacker has, the harder it is to stop them,” said Mark Nunnikhoven, a vice president with Internet security company Trend Micro.


Double trouble: This ransomware campaign could infect your PC with two types of file-locking malware

September 19, 2017

Uncovered by cyber security researchers at Trend Micro, the nature of the campaign means it's possible for victims infected by one form of ransomware to still be vulnerable to a further attack from the next one in the rotation.

Wall Street

The Dangers of the Hackable Car

September 18, 2017

“There’s no simple fix,” says Mark Nunnikhoven, vice president of cloud-computing research at Trend Micro. “This kind of internal network was never meant to be connected the way it is now.”


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